Certainly! Here's a more polished and professional version of the provided content:At Aarna Themes, we are dedicated to delivering timely and top-notch support services. We value every opportunity to engage with you and understand your needs.Our support channels primarily include support tickets and email correspondence. Please note that we do not provide support via phone calls.Before reaching out to us for assistance, we kindly advise consulting the theme documentation for initial troubleshooting.

Support Hours

We strive to address most inquiries within a few hours and aim to resolve all queries by the next business day. However, please be aware that our support availability may be limited during weekends and holidays.

Scope of Support

Our support services are specifically tailored to the themes developed by Aarna Themes . We are committed to aiding you in the installation and proper functioning of our themes as advertised.While rigorous testing precedes the release of our themes, human errors may occur. Should you encounter any bugs or issues, please promptly report them to us. We will diligently rectify these and incorporate fixes in future updates.Our priority is ensuring our themes seamlessly integrate into your workflow. If your concern extends beyond theme-related matters, we will endeavor to provide guidance to steer you in the right direction.

Exclusions from Support

Please note that we do not extend support for third-party themes, scripts, or plugins. If you encounter difficulties with such products, we recommend reaching out to the respective product authors for assistance.Additionally, our support services do not encompass custom development or personalized customization requests.


Requests for custom development or tailored customization fall outside the scope of our standard support services. Should you require adjustments beyond the theme's functionality, we offer customization services through our designated Customization Service page.We may periodically update our Help and Support Policy. Therefore, we encourage you to stay informed about any revisions.

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